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Building A Cyber Resiliency Program

Overview Target. eBay. Sony. Equifax. Anthem. CapitalOne. Marriott. Yahoo. That is just a partial list of enterprises that have suffered a major cyber event. The full list, however, pales in comparison to the hundreds of thousands of small- and mid-sized businesses (SMB’s) that have also suffered a significant cyber event; it’s just you rarely hear/read …

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Data Protection & Cyber Security for Accountants – Preparing for the “When” – not “if”

Introduction This is a class comprised of four 25-minute lectures delving into the important discussion of Data Protection and Cyber Security for Accountants. Learning Outcomes This course learners will take away: Why they need to consider data protection and cyber security, as business owners, and as accountants, and what Federal and State laws they need …

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Effective Knowledge Management

Introduction What if you could access the personal, professional, and organizational information you need in .7 seconds or less? What is the associated cost if you and your organization cannot access needed information quickly and easily? The cost can be measured in lost time, lost productivity, and increased frustration and stress. What if your systems …

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The Cost of Chaos

This is a one-hour course based on my in-depth discussions, and extensive surveys conducted with construction, manufacturing, and project-based business owners. This class illustrates the shocking magnitude of income lost by these businesses because they have not implemented good internal job-cost tracking systems and profit-seeking management controls. The information presented is based on many live …

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Business Cash Flow Essentials

In this lesson, you will learn how to identify how cash moves in and out of a business.  More importantly, you will learn how to identify the silent killers of cash flow that lurk in companies.  In four weeks we will explore the difference between profit and cash and how to spot it in your …

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Guarantee Profitability for Your Practice and Your Clients’ Business

This is a two hour version of the big course, 50% More Profit in 4 Weeks. It was presented at Scaling New Heights- the largest conference for accounting professionals in the world. It shows the four week road map of finding hidden profit in the product line, pricing strategy, and client base review.

More Than A Numbercruncher; Get the Most From Your Accounting Professional

This course affirms the crucial advisory role accounting professionals should play with their clients. Both accounting pros and and small business owners will gain new perspective and new benefit from this strategic partnership. This course will demonstrate how to get the most from your accounting professional relationship. It encourages small business owners and CPAs alike …

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Mining Existing Clients for Profits

What if it were possible to double or triple your billings with your existing client base? If you’re like most accounting professionals, you’re leaving a lot of money “on the table”. This course shows you how to unlock that potential without hard selling or cold calling.