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Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden Profit Academy will charge all learners upfront to register for any course. Learners can pay for a course in one or two installments over a 30 day timeframe. Payment is required before a learner has access to course content and materials.

Hidden Profit Academy will provide a 100% refund of purchase price in the event of non-delivery of these course outcomes:

Teach accounting professionals (learners) how to transform their role from number cruncher into a true advisor and mentor to business owners.

Teach accounting professionals (learners) how to build an action plan for their practice that applies the principles of each course.


Refunds will be provided upon written evidence that the course has failed to deliver the specific learning outcomes articulated in the syllabus for that course.

Learners must provide evidence within 30 days after completion of the course and send it to:

Full course refunds are eligible prior to watching the second lecture in the event of emergency.

Program Cancellation Policy

Hidden Profit Academy may cancel a course due to an emergency or technology failure beyond our control. We will do everything in our power to communicate to learners advanced notice and to recover time and to reschedule a canceled course.

In the event of emergency or illness, every learner can drop a course after the first lecture and before learners have watched the second lecture, for a full refund.

Complaint Resolution Policy

Complaints regarding Hidden Profit Academy courses online may be addressed to: Dawn Fotopulos, 404 East 66 street Suite 1C, New York, Zip: 10065. Learners would have the option to email Ms. Fotopulos at or call her at (917) 502-9729. As a practical matter, complaints would most likely be addressed online since the presentations are always done online and the digital space is the only one in which Hidden Profit Academy meets the subscribers/learners.

Hidden Profit Academy will retain course and course participant records for a period of five years and respond to any National Registry of CPE Sponsors inquiry about these records. The company will also make the records available for inspection to the National Registry of CPE Sponsors or its designee, upon request. The following records will be maintained, as detailed below, for each program offered online:

  • The date and the website of each presentation
  • Instructor and group leader biography and qualifications
  • Content author/ developer biography and qualifications (if different from instructor)
  • The list of participants and content hours earned for each course
  • Attendance/Completion reports
  • Outline of each course (syllabi, pdf, ppt, and recorded videos)
  • A sample of graded assignments
  • Evaluation forms
  • A sample of filled out evaluation forms


Syllabi will include bios of each course content developer and instructor

Our LMs system (Learn Dash) will capture in a reporting sequence:

  • Syllabus
  • Class Statistics (Date of class, course delivery date, class roster, class performance, completion statistics, credits earned)
  • Learner evaluations

Hidden Profit Academy will ensure that learning activities are reviewed by qualified persons (other than those who developed them) to assure that the program is technically accurate and current and addresses the stated learning objectives. These reviews occur before the first day of the online classes and again after each significant revision of the CPE programs.

Hidden Profit Academy will be using the services of university professors of Accounting, Finance, Management, etc. to provide updated information. The participation of at least one licensed CPA (in good standing and holding an active license or the equivalent of an "active" license in a U.S. jurisdiction) will be actively sought after and they will develop every new program, especially if Hidden Profit academy ventures into accounting and auditing subject matter. All materials are reviewed annually, at a minimum, in order to satisfy the requirements on content update standards.

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