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Grow Your CPA Practice Beyond Annual Tax Preparation


The Cost of Chaos

This is a one-hour course based on my in-depth discussions, and extensive surveys conducted with construction, manufacturing, and project-based business owners. This class illustrates the shocking magnitude of income lost by these businesses because they have not implemented good internal job-cost tracking systems and profit-seeking management controls.

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Business Cash Flow Essentials

Learn how to identify how cash moves in and out of a business. More importantly, you will learn how to identify the silent killers of cash flow that lurk in companies. In four weeks we will explore the difference between profit and cash and how to spot it in your financial statements.

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50% More Profit in 4 Weeks- Accounting Pros

Business thrives when profits are healthy and predictable. What if most businesses are failing because the owners are doubling down on wrong assumptions? What if we could turn millions of businesses around in a matter of weeks or months? We can. This course provides the step by step guide.

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Mining Existing Clients for Profits

This course is designed for accounting professionals. This was originally given at Intuit's Connect conference in Silicon Valley. Find new, profitable revenues where it's already been found; your existing client base. This course shows you how.

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Speak Greek to Clients and Double Your Billings

This course was presented at Scaling New Heights. Tired of your clients not taking your great advice? This course will show you how to bridge the gap and enter into your most important role as their business adviser.

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Guarantee Profitability for Your Practice and Your Clients’ Business

The Hidden Profit Roadmap, presented in this course, is a very efficient way to double or triple profitability for any service or product business in record time. It was presented at Scaling New Heights to rave reviews.

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More Than A Numbercruncher; Get the Most From Your Accounting Professional

This course was presented to accounting professionals and business owners at Intuit's Connect Conference. It will show you how your clients can and must change their mindset about their financial statements.

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Get paid based on what you deliver,
not just what you do

  • Expand Your Accounting Practice

    Expand your accounting practice and increase your profitability by finding hidden profits for your clients.

  • Become a Trusted Business Strategist

    Our unique program will show you how to partner with your business clients so they can gain the full benefits from your knowledge and analysis.

  • Learn the Key Areas of Business Profitability

    Our program shows you how to build an action plan to unlock those profits for your clients in record time.

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What Our Students Have to Say

When I did the Visioning Exercise from the Guarantee Profit for Your Practice Course, you should have seen the client's face. It was a cross between "OMG" and "we're desperate for your help". I didn't have to sell anything. They were on board almost instantly.

Hal Rosen


Mike Milan always makes me better at what I do. When I go to conferences where Mike is speaking, I always sign up for his sessions. He never gets enough time on stage and now I don’t have to get on a plane or pay a conference fee and hotel charges to hear the best of Mike Milan. How great is that?

April Ellis

Intuit ProAdvisor

These courses are game changers for accounting professionals. Other sites focus on IRS regulations and AICPA standards which we need, but these courses instruct accounting professionals on how to improve profitability, cash flow, and net worth for their clients. Every accounting professional wants to be an adviser to their clients. These courses provide step by step roadmaps to get there.

Nina Kaufman

Founder Business Exponential

I died and went to heaven. After taking the 50% More Profit in 4 Weeks Course the client finally understood what I’ve been trying to tell them for fifteen years.

Julie Gilmer


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