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On a mission to double small business survival rates by harnessing the genius of accounting professionals.

The Hidden Profit Academy Story

The Hidden Profit Academy is on a mission to double small business survival rates in record time by harnessing the genius of accounting professionals.

We believe accounting professionals are the most under appreciated and under utilized resource in the entire economy. They are the keepers of the data. They send reconciled statements to their clients every month. They give great advice to their clients. Their clients never listen. Isn’t it time to transform your practice from simply tax prep to coaching your clients to improve profit and cash flow?

We believe accounting professionals hold the key to defining what’s really going on in their clients’ businesses and how to improve financial performance quickly and painlessly. And if you have not been able to listen to every break out session from every important accounting conference in the country, we publish the BEST instructors on the most important topics you need to know.

Crucial. Current. Compelling. Information you need to continue to be an effective accounting professional.

And it’s all available to you when it’s convenient for your schedule.

Racking up CPE credits is one thing; transforming your future is another. Why not do both?

Meet the Team

The instructors on The Hidden Profit Academy are world-class. They are top in their field so you know you’re getting the most respected subject matter experts, but the most talented instructors. They make course content easy to understand and apply.

Dawn Fotopulos

Founder; CEO


Associate Professor of Business, The King’s College, NYC. Award-winning author, speaker, recovering banker.

Tim Gearty



Gearty & McIntyre LLP. Advisors,”Top 100 Most Influential People in the Accounting Profession” Accounting Today.

Nick Cyprus

Advisory Board Member


CPA, former NASBA Board Member, former Comptroller, General Motors Corporation.

Carol Oliver

CEO, Turbocharged Education and Training

Curriculum Development, Course Review, Instructor Partnerships.

The Hidden Profit Academy Mission

Fifteen years ago, Professor Dawn Fotopulos gave a talk to small business owners called “I Hate Numbers, Accounting for the Numberphobic”.

  • “When your accountant calls you, do you break out into a cold sweat?”
  • “When you hear the words “gross margin” do you want to crawl into a fetal position and cry?”
  • “Would you rather spend the weekend with your mother-in-law than read your financial statements?”

The talk was at 7:30 AM and we had to change the venue because we hit fire code restrictions.

Hundreds of business owners looked at those questions and said “that’s me”.

Over the years, Professor Fotopulos has done extensive primary research and consulting with small businesses in the U.S., U.K. and Africa.

It’s clear once business owners understand the basics of reading their financial dashboard, it transforms how they make business decisions and how they interact with their accounting professionals.

Once a business owner understands the advice the accounting professional provides and actually follows that advice, their entire future changes for the better.

The award-winning book “Accounting for the Numberphobic; A Survival Guide for Small Business Owners” (Award-Winner Best Business Book of 2015) provides the bridge between the business owner and the accounting professionals.

Why “Hidden Profit?” After almost 20 years of working with both business owners and accounting professionals, growing revenues and your client base is not the goal. Growing profitability and cash flow is.

Our mission is to double small business survival rates by harnessing the genius of CPAs, CMAs, Enrolled Agents, CIAs, CFEs, Intuit ProAdvisors and bookkeepers looking to up their game and make a difference.

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