What if you could unlock more profit from your existing client base without working harder or cold calling?

You can. We've proven it with thousands of your peers.


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Wednesday, September 11th @ 1pm EST

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Mariette Martinez

Accountant & Quickbooks ProAdvisor

What if you could work half as hard and make twice the profit?

You can. We’ve done it. We’ll show you how. It won’t cost you a dime to learn it.

Every accounting professional has profit potential in their client base they can’t see. I’m going to teach you how to mine it.

During this class, you’ll learn how to:

  • Work half as hard and make twice the profit.

  • Assess a client’s true profit potential- not just revenue potential

  • Segment your client base so you stop wasting time on unprofitable clients

  • Identify and to fire unprofitable clients without burning bridges

  • Focus on high gross margin products and services to increase profit by as much as 85% next year

  • Attract new clients by the dozens without cold calling or hard selling

  • ...and more

What I’m About to Teach You Works

From this teaching:

A Westcoast-based accounting professionals identified and fired 1/3 of their clients and profit in their practice increased by 198% in two months.

A CPA in Midwest shifted focus on high profit potential services based on Mining Existing Clients for More Profit principles and increased profitability of her practice by 300% in 3 months.

An Accounting professional in Midwest transformed her practice from a tax preparer to a true business advisor using these principles and doubled her income in 12 months.

An accounting professional on the East Coast applied these principles with her clients and said “Heaven opened and the angels came down. I couldn’t believe how easy it was to implement this and how fast I got results.”

It worked for them and hundreds others and it can work for you too.