Mike Milan
Elevate Financial Training

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Mike Milan has worked with business leaders across the country on proactive cash flow management and sales strategies. He has been a pioneer in profitability transformations and is known for his hard-hitting practical content, relatable storytelling, infectious energy and lasting impact he has on organizations. Mike’s proven methods help modernize business decision making by linking business goals and key cash metrics.

As a sought after speaker at conferences across the US and Canada, Mike is able to take difficult financial concepts and distill them into actionable tools that can immediately impact any business. His appeal transcends business owners at all stages of their growth. He has been hired by Fortune 500 companies and startups alike, to train and transform their workforce with breakthrough new ideas that will help maximize cash flow.

Mike is one of the highest rated instructors at the nation’s most prestigious banking schools on the topic of financial management for small business owners. Working as a senior executive for Finagraph, he has helped build software and solutions enabling the fintech digital transformation.

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