The Hidden Profit Academy

With Dawn Fotopulos

Find 50% More Profit In Your Clients’ Business Within 30 Days


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“Our Goal is To Double The Survival Rate of Small Businesses By Harnessing The Genius of Accounting Professionals”

My Name is Dawn Fotopolus


I’m an associate professor at The King’s College, award-winning author of Accounting for the Numberphobic, and founder of Hidden Profit Academy.

I started Hidden Profit Academy with a single mission: to double the survival rate of small businesses in America by harnessing the genius of accounting professionals throughout the country.

Right now, small businesses throughout the country are in the middle of a catastrophe. They’re desperate for help. And right now, as you’re reading this page, you have the opportunity to make a difference and help them not only survive, but thrive over the next 24 months...and 24 years.

The Hidden Profit Academy Testimonials

When I did the Visioning Exercise from the Guarantee Profit for Your Practice Course, you should have seen the client's face. It was a cross between "OMG" and "we're desperate for your help". I didn't have to sell anything. They were on board almost instantly.

Hal Rosen

Mike Milan always makes me better at what I do. When I go to conferences where Mike is speaking, I always sign up for his sessions. He never gets enough time on stage and now I don’t have to get on a plane or pay a conference fee and hotel charges to hear the best of Mike Milan. How great is that?

April Ellis
Intuit ProAdvisor

Who Is This For

This program is for the accounting pros, tax professionals, CPAs, and bookkeepers who are tired of being viewed as a disposable, commoditized “cost” in your clients’ businesses...rather than an investment.

It’s for you if you’re tired of being seen as little more than IRS insurance for the businesses you work every day to try and help.

It’s for you if you want to stop trading keystrokes for dollars and start actually making an impact in the businesses you work with.

What You'll Gain...

50% More Profit In 30 Days is designed to not just help you unlock a minimum 50% more profit in both your own and your clients’ businesses…

But to completely transform your relationship with your clients from a commoditized book keeper trading keystrokes for dollars into a strategic partner and “profit doctor” for your clients.

If You Want To…

  • Stop trading keystrokes for dollars and start finally charging what you’re worth
  • Get your clients to START paying attention and IMPLEMENT your advice
  • Transition your services from glorified administrative assistant to trusted strategic advisor and profit maximizer
  • Effectively differentiate your practice and communicate the value you add to your clients and double or even triple your billings

...Then this program is for you

The Hidden Profit Academy Testimonials

These courses are game changers for accounting professionals. Other sites focus on IRS regulations and AICPA standards which we need, but these courses instruct accounting professionals on how to improve profitability, cash flow, and net worth for their clients. Every accounting professional wants to be an adviser to their clients. These courses provide step by step roadmaps to get there.

Nina Kaufman
Founder Business Exponential

I died and went to heaven. After taking the 50% More Profit in 4 Weeks Course the client finally understood what I’ve been trying to tell them for fifteen years.

Julie Glimer

Why You'll Succeed

Each time I’ve opened this program for enrollment, I hear from people who are excited about the promise of 50% More Profit In 30 Days...but they’ve been burned by online courses before. In some cases, they’ve tried changing their practice for the better, but didn’t see any results.

I get it. I’ve been there too. And through teaching these concepts to thousands of accounting pros like yourself, and working in the trenches with hundreds of businesses, I can say that through constant optimization, iteration, and improvement this course gets results.

50% More Profit In 30 Days has a greater than 200% success rate (100% of the accounting pros who complete it find a minimum of 100% more profit in 30 days), and if you follow the steps laid out in the program, I guarantee you’ll find success as well... or your money back.

Here's How We're Doing It:

8 Weeks of Clear, Well-Planned Lessons
Each week you’ll learn a short, fluff-free topic designed to move you further down the Hidden Profit Blueprint path, and walk away with a specific, actionable assignment.

Weekly Homework Assignments
Each week after your lesson, you’ll be given a short, impactful assignment to execute inside both your client’s business AND your own practice. These assignments are designed to immediately unlock the value of that week’s lesson and release untapped profits hiding in the business.

Weekly Group Coaching Calls with Dawn Fotopolus
No two businesses are the same, and no accounting practice is the same. Success in this program hinges on your ability to make contextually correct decisions. Get the guidance and certainty you need in implementing the Hidden Profit Principles with the weekly group Q&A calls with Dawn.

How It Works

Weekly Lessons
Weekly specific, action-oriented lessons designed to be immediately implemented in the real world with your clients..and keep you moving down the Hidden Profits Roadmap

Live Q&A Sessions with Dawn
Each week, get on a LIVE Q&A Call with Hidden Profit Academy founder Dawn Fotopolus and download her decades of accounting experience for the benefit of your practice.

Exclusive Members-Only Community
Connect with other motivated and successful accounting pros like yourself who are going through the Hidden Profit Academy program.

Weekly Action Plans
Walk away from each week’s lesson with a clear, step-by-step execution plan for you to take and implement in your business and your clients’.

The 8 Week Roadmap



Introduction to the Hidden Profit Roadmap

If you don’t know where you’re going, you can’t get there. In Week 1 we walk through a complete overview of the Hidden Profit Roadmap. We decide upon the goals for both you and your clients, and show you the process to transition from glorified administrative assistant to a trusted Business Adviser.



Choosing and Closing Your Pilot Client

In week 2, you’ll learn exactly how to select and close your first pilot client to implement the Hidden Profit Roadmap system. This client is crucial towards generating a massive win and case study for your practice that you’ll be able to leverage as you transition your practice to become a strategic advisor to your clients.



Product / Service Line Review Process Part 1

In week 3, you’ll learn how to conduct a Product / Service Line Review for hidden profit opportunities. You’ll walk through a LIVE case study of a used car business and how Dawn was able to identify 50% more profit with no extra effort. Lastly, we’ll give you our Business Health Check Up



Product / Service Line Review Process Part 2; Completing The Review

In week 4, you’ll learn how to apply the Service Line Review to service businesses, and you’ll walk through a case study of an Interior Designer Business, as well as a Basement Waterproofing Systems business.



Pricing Benchmarks and Using Tools

In Week 5, you’ll learn everything you need to know about Pricing, and the massive leverage the right pricing strategy has on your clients’ bottom line profits. You’ll learn the problem with most business’ pricing, benchmarks and barriers you need to know as a profit doctor, and the pricing benchmarks that no one knows. Finally, you’ll learn the key to commanding a premium price point.



Pricing Strategy Part 2 - Case Studies

In Week 6, we’ll continue on our study of pricing. We’ll discuss connective value, price, and customer loyalty. We’ll talk through discounting - when to use it and when to NEVER use it - as well as how to RAISE prices and sell MORE.



How to Find Hidden Profits in the Client Base

In Week 7, we’ll talk through economic value pricing as well as how to conduct a client base review (and what a client base review is). We’ll analyze a client base together and create a "Winning Client Action"



Client Base Review & Case Studies

Week 8 is the culmination of everything we’ve learned in 50% More Profit In 30 Days. We walk through the Hidden Profit Roadmap 5 Point Profit Plan and walk through two different case studies showing how the Hidden Profit Roadmap can be implemented from start to finish.

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